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HMMMMM.  There is this “About” Tab which other bands are so damned witty doing. Maybe its because they are a handful of years old and we are a few decades old–yep... over 30 YEARS! ...

Such a incredible journey WCC has traveled since that fun, crazy night on the Lower East Side in 1989.  Honing skills as a true "New York Garage Band" on the 7th floor of Manhattan Mini Storage, aka "the Space", in the dead of Winter, "the Cube" -- we owe a great deal to the Space. But the most amazing thing all these years later continues to be all of you folks with whom I have been ridiculously fortunate to have this continuing dialogue.


WCC started out as 4 lawyers looking for unconventional fun. We went from typical rehearsal room jams to booking gigs in pretty rough (30 years ago) alphabet city and east village clubs sharing bills with bands destined for great success. I’m sure they said the same about us! Maybe not. We learned a ton as you can only do gigging. 

WCC would play Americana followed by 70s anthemic rock followed by singer songwriter ballad by something sort of Motown--etc etc fun but what…?!

We did as all bands do when they first form - we played every dump that would have us while I worked on my songwriting, which admittedly was all over the place. And as happens, band members came and went and WCC’s sound evolved, along with my writing.


I must credit the arrival of Scott Warren who allowed me the ultimate permission to take it seriously—and I did—with that mindset I have often stood on the stage and found myself listening to how fortunate WCC has been to have so many talented people care and leave their influence on it–now WCC is really one of the best bands you’ve never heard and the reviews say that in their jargony way-- about a band,  melodic, well executed, honest stories—understated and intimate, mostly conversational.


You are invited to browse the music and videos – come to a show – be part of the story; join the conversation.................

the band


Matt King — Vocals, Guitars

Alan Sanders — Drums

David Gelman — Keys/Vocals

Kevin MacKall — Bass

jonathan k. bendis — Guitar

Scott Warren — Guitar/Vocals (Track 10)Andrea Urban — Vocals

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